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Use scripts with combined records

AY Mail 2. Professional and Corporate Editions
Script programming skills required.

When you merge your data into combined records you can use scripts to compose your message.

For example, you imported data about magazine subscriptions:

Depending on the number of imported records for the particular email address, one, two or more fields will be filled during the import process. In the above example, Kate had two records, so Subscription1 and Subscription2 are set while Subscription3, Subscription4, and Subscription5 are empty.

You can use a script (written in Java Script, VB Script, or any other langauage available on your computer for active scripting) to generate the text of the message based on this information.

To insert a text generated by the script into your message, use the script macro:

Below is an example of Java Script that could be used with these data:

This script looks at each of the five Subscription fields to see if the expiration is within 120 days of the current date, and if it is then outputs the warning text, which will be included in the message. If the recipient doesn't have any subscriptions that expire within 120 days then such recipient is skipped - no message will be sent.

Kate has two subscriptions that expire within 120 days, so she'll receive the following message:

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