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AY Track Mail Account dialog

[Professional and Corporate Editions Only]
This dialog lets you specify settings for the mail account.

AY Track uses mail accounts to process mail. AY Track receives all the mail that comes in response to your mailings. AY Track then separates and process all the bounces, automatic responses, and subscription requests. Upon processing, AY Track deletes all these items, so you do not see them in your mailbox. All other mail is stored so that you can retrieve it with your mail client.

POP3 Access This part of the dialog defines the user name and password that your mail client needs to use to access the AY Track mail account. This is entirely between your mail client and AY Track. It may be the same user name and password as you use to retrieve your mail from your POP3 server, but it may be a different one. This is up to you.

User Id specifies the mail account id. You cannot change this field.

Password Specify the password. It appears blank when you open the dialog. If you leave it blank, the password remains unchanged.

Retype password If you entered a password, you need to enter the password once again to make sure it is entered correctly.

Link this account to a POP3 mail account with ISP [Corporate Edition Only] lets you enable or disable POP3 link to a POP3 mail server. For AY Mail Professional Edition, POP3 link is always enabled because POP3 is the only way to retrieve mail. AY Mail Corporate Edition can be configured to receive mail through SMTP, so POP3 may be disabled.

POP3 Retrieval Every time your mail client connects to AY Track to check email, AY Track, in turn, connects to your POP3 server and retrieves the mail for you. This part of the dialog lets you specify the settings necessary to access your POP3 mail. This information is usually given to you by your Internet Service Provider when you open a mail account with them.

Server Name Enter the name of the POP3 server. You must enter a domain name or IP address.

Server Port Enter the POP3 port. Except for very rare occasions, this should be 110.

User Id Enter the user name.

Password Enter the password.

Authentication button lets you specify the authentication parameters for the server. It will open the POP3 Authentication dialog.

Send me an e-mail when there is an error accessing this server Under normal circumstances, AY Track sends you an email every time there is any error communicating with the POP3 server. If this generates undesirable emails, you can switch this feature off. If you do, AY Track will not report these errors to you. Do not turn this off unless you have tested the hookup and are sure that the email is retrieved as desired.

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