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AY Track Mail Accounts dialog

[Professional and Corporate Editions Only]
This dialog lets you create and maintain a list of mail accounts. The mail accounts are necessary to give AY Track access to mail bounces, delivery notifications, and subscription requests. For more information see How to Handle Bounces.

New Account Lets you create a new mail account. It will open the New Account dialog . You can either create a mail account manually or let AY Track hook into your existing mail account automatically. AY Track supports automatical hooking for most mail clients. See the list of supported mail clients.

Edit button lets you edit the selected mail account. It will open the AY Track Mail Account dialog .

Remove button deletes the selected account along with all the mail that was collected for this account.

[Corporate Edition Only]
Ownership button lets you specify ownership for the selected account. The ownership for the account affects the ability of users to change account settings. Only the owner can do the changes. The ownership does not affect the ability to collect mail from the account. This button will open Mail Account Ownership dialog. You will see this button only if you have administrative privileges.

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