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Generate HTML Form dialog

[Professional and Corporate Editions Only]
This dialog lets you generate HTML code for the subscription form selected in the project. You can then put the generated HTML code on your web server. You do not need this if you use AY Track as your web server. For more information on subscription forms see How to handle Subscriptions and Unsubscriptions

Generate Select the kind of form you want to generate.

Subscription Form

Unsubscription Form

How the form is going to be processed? Select the processor for the form. Once you put the form on the web, every click on the form will invoke the processor.

by AY Track Web server or script: Use this option if you have set up AY Track to collect subscriptions. If you haven't you can do this with AY Track Setup Wizard. Click Settings->AY Track Setup Wizard from the main menu.

URL lets you specify the location of a web page where the subscribers are redirected after they submit the form.

by email to the following address: If you decided to process the requests by email, select this options and specify the email address where you want to receive subscriptions/unsubscriptions. This email address must be processed by AY Track. See AY Track for details.

Encoding The default encoding is Unicode (UTF-8). If you are working with English you don't need to worry about encoding. For other languages, you must select the encoding that matches the encoding of the web page containing the form.

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