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AY Track Information

[Professional and Corporate Editions Only]
AY Track is AY Mail companion software. AY Track is constantly running in the background, even when AY Mail is not open.

AY Track lets you automatically process subscription/unsubscription requests, bounces and notifications. AY Track holds all the collected information until you retrieve it with AY Mail. AY Track can also be used to send mail in the background and schedule your mailings.

You can install it on the same computer as AY Mail by selecting the appropriate checkbox during AY Mail installation.

[Corporate Edition Only] Or, you can install it on another computer and access it from AY Mail remotely. Remote installation requires one of the following platforms:

Microsoft Windows - see instructions

Linux (Kernel 2.2 or later) - see instructions

AY Track needs setting up before you can use it. To set it up, use AY Track Setup Wizard, which you can access by selecting Settings->AY Track Setup Wizard from AY Mail menu.

AY Track requires two things (both will be automatically set up by AY Track Setup Wizard).

1. Access to your mail flow to process bounces and notifications. This is done through one of the following mechanisms:

You can hook your AY Track up into Outlook Express or other mail client, so that AY Track receives all your mail, processes subscriptions, bounces, read and click through notifications and other automatic emails and redirects all the other mail to you.

[Corporate Edition Only] You can use AY Track as your incoming mail server to handle mail for a domain.

2. Web presence to accept subscriptions and clicks. This is done through one of the following mechanisms:

You can install a script on your Web site, which will accept the requests and clicks and send all the information to AY Track by email.

[Corporate Edition Only] AY Track can act as a Web server and process subscription and unsubscription forms for you and keep track of clicks through.

AY Track is fully controllable from AY Track Control Panel, which you can open by selecting Settings->AY Track from the AY Mail menu.

When AY Track is installed on a remote server, you can control access to it by managing Users and Privileges .

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