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Insert web link into your message

Inserting a web link into your message is very easy. For a plain text message you just need to type in the whole link starting with http://. For example:


When your recipient receives the mail, his or her mail client will highlight the link. If you skip http://, the link may or may not be highlighted.

For HTML messages, you need to use the Hyperlink button on the WYSIWYG tab. Select the text that you want to turn into a hyperlink, and then click on the Hyperlink button. The Hyperlink dialog will appear, where you can type in the URL.

There are few special links you can use:

An unsubscribe link can be inserted with the Remove macro if you have a subscription form set up for the project. For example, in the plain text message:

Click to unsubscribe:#/Remove/#

In HTML message simply select the unsubscribe link type instead of http:// in the Hyperlink dialog.

AY Mail will replace the Remove macro with the unsubscription link.

The other special link is a traceable link. Each time the link is hit, the AY Track registers the click and you know who has clicked it. See How to detect clicks through for details.

You can embed user-specific information into the link. For example:

http://www.yourcompany.com/renew?id=#/Text(Customer Id)/#



You can then use your web server log to analyze clicks.

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