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Picture dialog

This dialog lets you insert a picture into your message or edit settings for existing pictures.

Dropdown box lets you choose the location of the picture file:





If you choose the file protocol, you will be able to browse for the file using the Browse button. When the message is sent, AY Mail will embed the file and send it along with the message.

If you choose other protocol, you need to type in the URL to the picture. In this case, the picture will not be transferred with the message. The recipient's mail reader will retrieve the picture each time the message is viewed.

Position specifies the position and alignment of the picture in the message text.

Border specifies the thickness of the border around the picture.

Horizontal margin specifies the size of empty space to the left and to the right of the picture.

Vertical margin specifies the size of empty space above and under the picture.

[Professional and Corporate Editions Only] Use this picture to track message openings. Select this checkbox if you want to track message openings. To use this option, you need to set up AY Track properly. See Use Graphical Objects to detect message openings for details.

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