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Send a follow up message

[Professional and Corporate Editions Only]
Every time the message is sent, a report is created. The report contains the list of all the recipients whose addresses have been attempted for delivery. You can use the report information to send a follow-up message to a group of recipients based on their delivery status or clicks through. When you follow-up, AY Mail will send the message displayed on the Message tab. The group specified on the Message tab will be ignored.

To send a follow up message:

1. Prepare your message on the Message tab.

2. Click on the Reports tab, select the report you want, and then select Reports->Follow Up from the main menu. The Follow Up dialog will appear.

3. Select the category of recpipients you want to use.

If you were tracking clicks through, you can use the click through information to direct your follow-up message only to the people who have clicked through a particular link, or exclude recipients who have already clicked through a particular link.

3. Click on the OK button. AY Mail will start sending.

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