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Server Requirements

[Corporate Edition Only]
If you want to use the AY Track web server and/or SMTP server the computer where you install AY Track must meet the following criteria:

1. It must be constantly connected to the Internet (24 hours a day, 7 days a week).

2. It must have a fixed IP address. Each computer on the Internet is recognized by its IP number or IP address. This number may be either fixed (which means that it never changes) or variable (which means that it may change from time to time). If you do not know whether your IP is fixed, contact your Internet Service Provider. You must also know your IP number.

3. If the computer is behind a firewall, the incoming ports 25 (for SMTP) and 80 (for web server) must be cleared through the firewall. You can use other port number for web server, but you must use 25 for SMTP.

4. It is desirable, but not necessary to have a DNS record for your computer. DNS record links the name of your computer to its IP address. For the web server, you can use IP directly and your web links may look like, but for the SMTP server the DNS record is a must. The DNS record will give your computer a name, such as www.yourtrackserver.com or yourtrackserver.yourcompany.com. Contact your ISP and ask them to set up a DNS record for you.

5. For the SMTP service, you will need an MX record as well. See the AY Track SMTP Server for details.

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