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AY Track SMTP Server

[Corporate Edition Only]
WARNING!! The AY Track SMTP server will not relay any mail. It cannot be used as an outgoing SMTP server. It is only designed to collect mail for a domain. If you want to send email through AY Track, you can only do that through AY Mail. Click here for details.

If you install AY Track on a computer that is constantly connected to the Internet, you can configure it to work as an SMTP server and collect mail for a domain. AY Track will process all the automatic responses, bounces, and subscription requests, and will store the rest of the email so that you can read it later with your mail client. This is more efficient than hooking AY Track into your mail client.

You will not be able to use AY Track SMTP service if the computer where you installed AY Track already runs a mail server, such as Microsoft Exchange.

You do not have to register a special domain name for the AY Track SMTP server, rather you can use subdomain. For example, if you have a domain yourcompany.com , you can use subdomain responses.yourcompany.com for the AY Track SMTP server.

The best way to set up AY Track SMTP server is to use AY Track Setup Wizard, which will configure the server and test its functionality.

Alternatively, you can set up the SMTP server manually. In this case, you will need to manually test the functionality of your settings. To set up the SMTP server manually, follow these instructions:

1. You must have AY Track installed.

2. You must configure AY Track as an SMTP server. Select Settings->AY Track->SMTP from the main menu and activate SMTP service. Enter the domain name, for example responses.yourcompany.com.

3. Request your ISP or network administrator to create an MX DNS record pointing to your AY Track server. For example, if your AY Track server is running on the computer yourtrackserver.com and you want to handle mail for responses.yourcompany.com, you need an MX record for responses.yourcompany.com pointing to yourtrackserver.com. It may require up to 24 hours for this record to take effect, so you must order it at least a day before first mailing.

You may also want to set up SPF DNS records, which will increase the deliverability of emails sent from the domain handled by AY Track.

4. You must create at least one AY Track mail account. To create a mail account:

1. Select Settings->AY Track->Mail Accounts from the main menu. The AY Track Mail Accounts dialog will appear.

2. Click on the New Account button to create a new account. The New Mail Account dialog will appear.

3. Enter the name for your account. This will become the local part of the mail address. If you enter requests then the mail address will be requests@responses.yourcompany.com.

4. Select Create account manually and click on the OK button. The AY Track Mail Account dialog will appear.

5. Enter the password for your account. You need to enter the password twice for verification. You need to write down or remember your password.

6. Leave the Link this account to a POP3 mail account with ISP checkbox unchecked.

AY Track will now start collecting mail for the account that you have created. If you send an email to requests@responses.yourcompany.com it will be received by your AY Track server. You can now send some mail to this address and if MX records already took effect, AY Track will receive it.

You can create as many mail accounts as you wish.

5. You need to set up your mail client (such as Outlook Express) to be able to receive responses to your mailings. Go to your mail client and enter the settings necessary to connect to the AY Track server. These settings are:

Incoming (POP3) server - the name of your AY Track computer. For example, yourtrackserver.com.

Incoming server port - 110 unless you have changed it with the Settings->AY Track->POP3 menu command.

User Name - the user id that you entered on step 4.3, for example requests.

Password - the password that you have entered on step 4.5.

If your mail client supports Secure Password Authentication (SPA), you can try to see if it works for you. This will make your connection more secure. If you use Microsoft Outlook or Microsoft Outlook Express, and you have selected SPA, Outlook will ignore the user name and password that you have entered, and will try to use the user name and password that you have used to log on into your computer/domain. Therefore, when setting up your AY Track mail account, you should enter these on steps 4.3 and 4.5. Alternatively, you can set up your Outlook not to use SPA.

6. Test your mail account. You must be able to send an email to the new address and then receive it in your mail client.

7. Before you send your message with AY Mail, make sure that the sender address that you have specified on the Message Tab is one of the addresses handled by AY Track (such as requests@responses.yourcompany.com in the example above). This is necessary because all the bounces will come to this address.

You can specify a different email address in the Reply-To. This way. most of the human replies will go to this other address. However, you should still check the From address from time to time because it may receive some replies as well.

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