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Mail Sending Settings dialog

This dialog lets you specify how AY Mail sends email. You can choose either a specific SMTP server, or let AY Mail act as a local SMTP server. Click here for the comparison of these methods.

[Professional and Corporate Editions Only] You can also relay all the mail to AY Track. Click here for details.

Send through the following SMTP server Select this option to send all your email through a fixed SMTP server. This is a recommended option.

Suggest This button helps you automatically determine the name of your SMTP server from your email software settings. Once you select this option, the SMTP server will be pasted into the dialog. If you have more than one email account on your computer the SMTP Detection dialog will let you choose the SMTP server.

Port SMTP server port, in most cases 25.

SSL In most cases, you do not need this, but some servers require secure SSL connection. This down-drop box allows you to choose the correct setting.

None Choose this option if no secure connection is required. This is the most common situation.

SSL Connect Choose this option if SSL connection is required. If you choose this option, you need to change the port number. Most common SMTP port number for SSL connections is 465.

STARTTLS Choose this option if your server required STARTTLS command to establish a secure TLS connection.

If the server uses untrusted server certificate, you may need to install this certificate. To do so, select Settings->Advanced Network and then click on the Trusted Certificates button.

Server requires user name and password Some servers require user name and password before they let you send any message. Do not check this box if your server does not require password. Contact your Internet Service Provider if you do not know the password.

User Name Enter user name for your SMTP server.

Password Enter password for your SMTP server

Send in chunks of the following size This option lets you specify how many messages should be transferred to your server in one session. For example, if you put 50 in the field, AY Mail will send messages in chunks of 50. This option is necessary if your server limits the number of messages that you can send. This feature may be useful if the connection to your server is noisy or constantly breaks. In this case settings between 10 and 100 are recommended. If you do not specify chunk size, AY Mail sends in chunks of 1000. This option does not affect personalized messages.

Delay between chunks (sec) If you specify a delay, AY Mail will wait a specified number of seconds before connecting to the server. We recommend setting delay to 0. Delay may help to avoid excessive load on the server. It is also necessary if your ISP limits the number of messages per hour or per day.

Use Turbo Mode Turbo mode allows you to send non-personalized messages much faster. It does not affect personalized messages. Some (rare) servers will not work in turbo mode and will hang after first recipient. If this happens, uncheck the Turbo Mode.

Send Direct (emulate local SMTP server) Select this option to let AY Mail act as an SMTP server on your computer, and send your messages directly to recipients destination servers. If you select this mode, all your messages will be personalized.

Number of threads to use You can determine how many simultaneous connections AY Mail is allowed to make (from 1 to 256). This will greatly enchance speed of the sending, but be carefull not to overload your line with too many threads at once. If you use too many threads, many of server connections will fail, and you will have to resend your message to these addresses again.

Relay to AY Track Select this option to transfer all your messages to AY Track. AY Track will send them in the background without AY Mail participation. To be able to use this option you need to set up AY Track. You can do it by clicking Settings->AY Track Setup Wizard from the menu.

Edit AY Track Settings button opens the AY Track Mail Sending Settings dialog.

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