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AY Track Mail Sending Settings dialog

[Professional and Corporate Editions Only]
This dialog lets you specify how AY Track sends email, which includes automatic letter and all the email relayed to AY Track.

How to send? Choose from the following options.

Send Direct (use built-in SMTP server) AY Track will act as an SMTP server. If some of the messages fail, it will try again. AY Track will try to send each message for several days. You can choose the number of days by clicking on the Timing button.

Try direct, then switch to the external SMTP server AY Track will act as an SMTP server, however, in case of failure, it will relay the message to the SMTP server that you specify.

Relay all mail to the external SMTP server All mail from AY Track will go through the external SMTP server.

External SMTP server Enter the name of the SMTP server provided by your ISP (Internet Service Provider).

Suggest button helps you to automaticaly detect SMTP server from your mail client settings.

Port SMTP server port, in most cases 25.

SSL In most cases, you do not need this, but some servers require secure SSL connection. This down-drop box allows you to choose the correct setting.

None Choose this option if no secure connection is required. This is the most common situation.

SSL Connect Choose this option if SSL connection is required. If you choose this option, you need to change the port number. Most common SMTP port number for SSL connections is 465.

STARTTLS Choose this option if your server required STARTTLS command to establish a secure TLS connection.

If the server uses untrusted server certificate, you may need to install this certificate. To do so, select Settings->AY Track->Advanced Network and then click on the Trusted Certificates button.

Server requires user name and password Some servers require user name and password before they let you send any message. Do not check this box if your server does not require password. Contact your Internet Service Provider if you do not know the password.

User Name Enter user name for your SMTP server.

Password Enter password for your SMTP server.

Timing button will open the AY Tack Timing Parameters to let you specify a number of threads, maximum load, and sending schedule for AY Track.

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