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Automatic letters to subscribers

[Professional and Corporate Editions Only]
You can configure AY Track to send address validation, welcome, or delayed letters every time a new subscription is received.

If you activate the validation letter then AY Track will hold the subscription information until the response is received. If the subscriber does not send a confirmation within the specified number of days since subscription, the subscription information is destroyed. By using valiadation letters you make sure that the email address provided by the subscriber letter is genuine.

If you use a Confirm macro in your validation letter, the recipient will have to click on the confirmation URL to confirm the address. The subscription information will only become available after the click.

If there is no Confirm macro, AY Track will automatically insert the confirmation id into the subject line and the text of the message. If the subscriber responds to the request, the subscription will be processed. Keep in mind that some people may have autoresponders, and the reply from the autoresponder may be indistinguishable from the confirmation letter.

We highly recommend using address validation. Even though you may lose some subscribers, the subscribers that you do collect will be of much higher quality.

Avoid customizing validation letters with the data supplied by subscriber, because such customization may be abused. Enyone who fills in the form may put arbitrary email addreseses on your form with an offensive content instead in other data fields, and if you use some of these fields in the customization, you will be carrying this offensive content through your message. It is safer to use customization in you Welcome letter, which is sent when the addresses are confirmed.

The Welcome letter will be sent when the subscription is accepted.

You can also send up to 5 delayed letters to follow up on the subscriptions. These letters will be sent a specified period after the subscription has been received.

To create or edit automatic letters:

1. Click on the Settings->AY Track->Subscription Forms from the main menu, select the form you want, and then click on the Edit Letters button. The Automatic Letters dialog will appear.

2. Choose mail account, enter your e-mail address and your name. This e-mail address must be processed by AY Track.

3. If you want email addresses to be confirmed by subscribers, check the box on the Validation tab to turn on the validation letter. Edit the text of the letter. AY Track will automaticaly send this letter upon receiving a subscription for this form.

4. If you want to send welcome letters, switch to the Welcome tab and turn the Welcome letter on. Enter the text of your Welcome letter.

5. You can send up to five different automatic letters that would be sent to the subscriber after specified number of days since subscription. Switch to the Delayed 1 tab and turn the Delayed 1 letter on. Enter the text of your letter and specify the delay (in days) when you want that letter to be sent to subscriber. You can do the same with Delayed 2 and Delayed 3 etc.

6. If you use AY Track hook, you need to check email from time to time, preferably several times a day, to let AY Track extract subscription requests and confirmation letters from the mail flow.

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