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Automatic Address Validation Letter

[Professional and Corporate Editions Only]
The Automatic Letters dialog lets you create or edit the text of the automatic letter that AY Track can send to the new subscribers.

The validation letter is sent every time a new subscription arrives.

If a Confirm macro is used, AY Track shall not alter the message, and the recipient will have to click on the confirmation URL to confirm the address. The subscription information will only become available after the click.

If there is no Confirm macro, AY Track automatically adds a confirmation id to the subject line and the body of the validation letter. The subscriber has to send a reply letter. Once the reply letter is received, the subscribtion information will be made available to AY Mail.

You can obtain the subscription information by selecting Advanced->Check for Subscriptions/Unsubscriptions from the main menu, however usually you do not need this because AY Mail automatically pull all the subscription information every time the project containing a reference to the subcription form is opened.

Sender (the address must be processed by AY Track).

Account Select the AY Track mail account. This account will be used to send error messages when AY Track is unable to send mail.

Email The email address of the sender. The email sent to this address must be processed by AY Track.

Name The name of the sender to be displayed to the subscriber.

Welcome Lets you switch to the Automatic Welcome Letter tab.

Delayed ... Lets you switch to the Automatic Delayed Letter tab.

Send this letter to validate subscriber email address This check box lets you turn on address validation letter. When it is checked, AY Track will send the validation letter and will hold the subscription until the response is received. This lets you make sure that the subscription request is genuine. If this checkbox is not checked, AY Track will not send validation letters, and the email addresses that you receive with your subscription will not be validated.

Wait for the response for # days This box allows you to determine for how long you are willing to wait before AY Track destroys the subscription request if the confirmation is not received.

Format button lets you bring up the Letter Format dialog. You will not be able to change the format to HTML for the validation letter.

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