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Automatic Welcome Letter

[Professional and Corporate Editions Only]
The Automatic Letters dialog lets you create or edit the text of the automatic letter that AY Track can send to the new subscribers.

The welcome letter is sent every time a subscription is accepted. If validation letter is turned off this happens immediately after the supscription request is received. Otherwise, this happens as soon as AY Track receives the confirmation letter from the subscriber.

Sender (the address must be processed by AY Track).

Account Select the AY Track mail account. This account will be used to send error messages when AY Track is unable to send mail.

Email The email address of the sender. If you use validation letters, the email sent to this address must be processed by AY Track.

Name The name of the sender to be displayed to the subscriber.

Validation Lets you switch to the Automatic Validation Letter tab.

Delayed ... Lets you switch to the Automatic Delayed Letter tab.

Send the welcome letter once the subscription is accepted This check box lets you turn on the Welcome letter. When it is checked, AY Track will send the welcome letter to your subscribers. If this checkbox is not checked, AY Track will not send welcome letters.

Format button lets you bring up the Letter Format dialog where you can choose between plain text and HTML. If you select HTML format, you need to put HTML code onto the tab. You need to use an HTML editor (such as FrontPage) or write HTML code by yourself. For more details, see HTML ..

[Corporate Edition Only]
If you decide to use HTML with embedded graphics, and your AY Track is installed on a remote server, the graphics files must be located on the AY Track server.

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