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Subscriptions/Unsubscriptions Preferences dialog

[Professional and Corporate Editions Only]
This dialog lets you link the current project to AY Track subscription form and specify how the subscriptions are going to be handled. See How to handle Subscriptions and Unsubscriptions for the details.

Subscription Form lets you select a subscription form. This drop-down box will be disabled if there is no connection to AY Track.

Edit button lets you edit the selected form. It may be disabled if you do not have enough privileges to edit the selected form.

If the subscription is received for the existing address lets you select what to do for re-subscriptions. If your list does not store data fields, then this does not make much difference.

Replace existing recipient record with the new one New data fields will replace the existing ones.

Keep the existing record The re-subscription will be ignored.

Merge data fields of both records The old record will be retained, but all known data fields from the re-subscription will be inserted into the new record.

How to handle Unsubscriptions Decide what to do when an unsubscription request is received.

Disable the recipient Choose this option if you do not want to loose data for the unsibscribed recipient.

Create disabled record even if the recipient does not exist This option will save the information for the unsubscribed recipient. Otherwise the information will be lost.

Permanently remove the recipient from the list Choose this option if you want the unsubscribed recipients record to be destroyed.

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