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How to import a certificate

[Corporate Edition Only] If you already have a digital certificate and want to use it with AY Track server, you need to import it.

1. You must save your private key and corresponding certificate as a PKCS12 file. This file usually has pfx or p12 extension. Most software applications will provide with means to export the key and the certificate in this format. You must know the password for the file.

2. Selects Settings->AY Track from the main menu to open AY Track Control Panel.

3. On the right hand site, click on the button for the service that requires the certificate, such as HTTP or POP3. The settings dialog for the corresponding service will open.

4. Make sure that the checbox for the SSL service is checked.

5. Click on the Edit Certificates buttons. The Certificates dialog will appear.

6. Click on the Import button. The file selection dialog will appear.

7. In the Files of type listbox select PKCS#12 (pfx) Files.

8. Navigate to the file you want to import and open it. If everything is Ok, the prompt to enter the password will appear.

9. Enter password for your PKCS12 file and click on the OK button. You should see a private key and certificate added to the list.

10. Click on the Close button, and when asked agree to save the changes.

11. Select the newly installed certificate in the Server Certificate drop-down box.

12. Click on the OK on the service settings dialog.

13. Click on the Status button to make sure the service is running Ok.

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