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Certificates dialog

[Corporate Edition Only]
This dialog lets you manage the list of server certificates. These certificates are necessary so that other software programs such as mail clients or web browsers could connect to the AY Track server. On more details on how to obtain the certificate for your server click here.

The list contains objects of two kinds - certificates and private encryption keys.

Delete button deletes the selected certificate.

Import button lets you import a new certificate or key into the list. If you are importinig a certificate, you must supply a *.cer or *.crt file containing the certificate. If you are importing a key, or a key with certificates, you will need a *.p12 or *.pfx file. You will also need a password for that file.

Export button lets you export a certificate or a key. If a certificate is selected, it opens the Certificate is Ready dialog where you can save the certificate as a *.cer file or copy it into the clipboard. If a key is selected, you will be prompted to select a file to save the key in PKCS12 format (*.pfx or *.p12). If the key has certificates associated with it, you will be given an option to include the certificates into the file as well.

New Key button opens the Generate New Private Key dialog which lets you generate a new private key.

New CSR button will only work when a key is selected. It lets you generate a Certificate Request for the key (CSR). It opens the Certificate Subject Name dialog to let you enter information for the certificate request. Once you fill in the information, it will open the Certificate Request is Ready dialog where you can save the certificate request as a *.csr file or copy it into the clipboard.

A display below the list of certificates shows you information about the highlighted certificate or key.

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