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AY Track POP3 Options dialog

[Professional and Corporate Editions Only]
This dialog lets you specify settings for the POP3 service.

POP3 Port Normal port number is 110. You do not need to change that number under normal circumstances.

[Corporate Edition Only]
Require Secure Authentication If you select this option, all the mail clients connecting to AY Track to receive email will have to use SPA (Secure Password Authentication). Not all mail clients are capable of doing that, therefore we suggest not using this feature.

SSL options This option lets you specify wether or not you want AY Track POP3 server to support secure SSL or TLS connections. These connections are available in addition to the normal POP3 server.

STARTTLS Choose this option to enable STARTTLS support.

Alternate SSL Port Choose this option if you want AY Track to provide POP3 service through SSL connections at an alternative port. You need to enter the port number (usually 995).

Certificate This downdrop box lets you select the certificate for the server. For SSL connections, AY Track server must have a digital certificate which could prove server identity. Click here for details.

Edit Certificates button opens the Certificates dialog which lets you manage server certificates.

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