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Recipients Menu for Projects Linked to External Data Source

[Professional and Corporate Editions Only]
This menu is visible only when you click on the Recipients Tab and only if current project contains a link to external data source

Show All lets you view the recipients. The list will be downloaded from the data source and the Recipients dialog will let you browse through the recipients and perform some simple operations.

Simple Search lets you search for the recipients who match the text in any field. The Search dialog will let you enter the text to search.

Advanced Search lets you search for the recipients based on more complex criteria. The Advanced Search dialog will let you enter the search criteria.

Show Group lets you view recipients from a selected group.

Change Link lets you change the link to the data source. The Select Import Source dialog will appear where you can select a new data source.

Validity Period lets you specify the list validity period. This is the period of time while AY Mail is allowed to reuse previously downloaded recipient lists without having to download them again. The External Data Source Validity dialog will appear to let you specify the validity period.

Convert to internal will permanently break the link to the data source, import all the recipients into AY Mail, so that AY Mail will now store the list. This operation is irreversible.

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