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Recipients Tab

Use the Recipients tab to compose the list of recipients.

[Professional and Corporate Editions Only] If your project is linked to external data source you will not see the recipients on the Recipients tab. Rather, you'll see the description of the link and status of the external list.

The Recipients list appears on the left hand side of the tab.

Recipient's email addresses are always listed alphabetically. You cannot change their order. You cannot put a recipient without e-mail address or with incorrect email address on the list.

To navigate to some particular recipient you can use Up and Down buttons, scroll bar next to the recipient list, or you can just type in the beginning of the e-mail address. For example, if you want to jump to the recipient aysoft@aysoft.com, you may press A, Y, and S buttons on your keyboard quickly, and AY Mail will navigate to the first recipient whose email address starts with AYS.

The icon next to the recipient shows his or her state:

If the icon is grayed, the recipient is disabled. AY Mail will not send anything to this recipient.

If the icon has the green mark on it then the last email to this recipient was successful.

[Professional and Corporate Editions Only] If the icon has the green mark and a picture of a letter behind it then AY Mail received a read or click through notification for this recipient.

If the icon has the red quotation mark on it, then the last email to the recipient wasn't successful, but chances are that the situation will improve.

If the icon has the red cross on it, then the recipients address is undeliverable and it is very unlikely that the situation may improve.

[Professional and Corporate Editions Only] The icons reflect the cumulative status over multiple sendings. To look at the status for any particular message, click on the Reports tab, and double-click on the report.

[Home Edition Only] The icons reflect the status for the last sendings. The status is reset as soon as you send a new message.

You can right click on the recipients icon or name to display a pop-up menu which would let you send to a selected recipient, enable or disable the recipient etc.

The two tabs to the right of the recipient list display information for the currently selected recipient.

Data Tab displays the data fields for the recipient. For more information on data fields, see Data Fields.

Status Tab displays a textual description of the recipient status and also has a checkbox on it that let you enable or disable the recipient. If you have changed the email address for the recipient, the old email address will be displayed on the status tab.

See also the Recipients Menu for the list of related menu operations.

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