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Recipients Tab Linked to External Data Source

[Professional and Corporate Editions Only]
Usually, the Recipients tab displays the list of recipients. However, if your project is linked to external data source you will not see the recipients on the Recipients tab. Rather, you'll see the following:

Link description describes the external data source.

Data source status describes the status of the data source. The recipients may be held in memory until they expire, or they may not be loaded in the memory. If the list is loaded you can use the Preview button to look at the recipients.

Pre-load button loads the list in the memory. It will be kept in memory ready to use until it expires.

Forget button purges the list from the memory. It frees up the memory, but the list will have to be re-loaded when it is needed.

View button opens the Recipients dialog where you can look at the recipients and their data fields. It requires the list to be loaded into memory.

See also the Recipients Menu for the related menu operations.

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