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Reply To dialog

[Professional and Corporate Editions Only]
This dialog lets you customize the Reply-To option for your message. In situations where your recipients need to reply to specific person (sales representative, assigned contact person etc.) you can use this dialog to turn on this option. However, this will only work if your list has a data field with the email address of contact person for each recipient.

Who is going to receive replies?

The Sender of the message This is the default option. All replies will go to the same email address which is indicated on the Message Tab in the From dialog.

Obtain the email address for replies from the following data fields:

Email Address lets you select a field containing a valid email address of the representative which is going to receive replies. If this field is unknown, or does not contain a valid email address for a particular recipient, the sender address will be used.

Name If in addition to email address you have a field with a name of the representative, you can specify it here.

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