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Tracking Preferences dialog

[Professional and Corporate Editions Only]
This dialog lets you specify message options (such as priority or sensitivity) and whether or not you want to request read notifications from your recipients.

Message Options:

Precedence lets you specify how fast the message should be delivered. Setting precedence to bulk or list should suppress all "Out-of-the-office" and similar auto-replies. However, this may cause the message to be filtered out by spam filters.

Priority lets you specify how important the message is. This may affect how mail readers sort messages or display them.

Sensitivity lets you specify wether or not your message contains private or confidential information.

Request Read Notifications when sending If you select this option, AY Mail will request read notifications for every message that it sends from the current project. We do not recommend using this option. See How to Find out if the Message has been Read for details.

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