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Find out if the Message has been read

[Professional and Corporate Editions Only]
There are two distinct ways to find out if a recipient has read the message.

Requesting read notifications If you request read notifications, AY Mail will insert a special header requesting read notifications. Once the recipient receives the email, the mail client will prompt the recipient if the read notification needs to be sent. You will get the read notification only if he or she agrees to send it. Also, if email addresses are forwarded, the read notification will come from a different address and then will be discarded.

Using a graphical object with detectable link To set this up, you need to insert a picture into your HTML message. Every time the message is read, the picture will be fetched and a record will be made that the message has been opened. Some mail clients, such as Outlook Express 6, may not display pictures to protect recipient privacy.

In both cases, AY Mail will process notifications automatically through the AY Track.

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