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Insert Unsubscribe link into your message

[Professional and Corporate Editions Only]
To be able to insert automatic unsubscribe (opt out) links into your message you need to have a subscription form set up and selected into your project.

If you do not want to handle subscriptions for the project, and only want unsubscriptions, you can create an empty form. Click on the Advanced tab, then click on the Subscriptions button. When the Subscriptions/Unsubscriptions Preferences dialog opens, use the drop-down box and create a new empty subscription form. Now AY Mail will let you insert unsubscription links into your message.

If you have not done this before, you need to set up AY Track by clicking Settings->AY Track Setup Wizard from AY Mail main menu.

In an HTML message, select the unsubscribe link instead of http:// in the Hyperlink dialog.

You can use a link to a page on your website as an unsubscribe link. Instead of selecting unsubscribe, use http:// in the Hyperlink dialog and check the Clicking this link will unsubscribe the recipient box.

In a plain text message, use the Remove macro. Right-click with your mouse where you want your unsubscribe link to appear and then select Insert->Unsubscribe Link. For example:

Click to unsubscribe:#/Remove/#

AY Mail will replace the Remove macro with the unsubscription link.

If you want to use a page on your web site as an unsubscribe link. First put your URL and then add ? and then the Remove macro. For example,

To unsubscribe click the following link:

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