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Import Recipients dialog

If you have a list of recipients in a mail client, in a file or in a database, you can import them into AY Mail using Import Recipients dialog. This dialog lets you start the import process.

Create a new project New project will be created that will contain the imported recipients.

New Project Name Enter the name of your new project. This is the name that will appear in the Project Tree.

[Professional and Corporate Editions Only] Data storage:

Import data and store with the project The recipient list will be imported from the source and stored in AY Mail project. You will be able to edit and modify data.

Link to data source, import as needed Use this option if you want to maintain your lists outside AY Mail. You won't be able to use AY Mail to change or edit recipient data - the data will be pulled from the source you specify every time they're needed. See Links to External Data Sources for more details.

[Professional and Corporate Editions Only] Handle duplicate addresses:

Remove all duplicate addresses If you have duplicate addresses they will be removed in the new project.

Create combined records If you have duplicate addresses they will be merged into combined records. Such records will contain data from multiple imported records. In the course of import, you will see the Select Fields with Merged Data dialog where you can select the fields that will be used in these combined records.

Add new recipients to the current project.

Handle duplicate addresses:

Keep existing recipient Use this option if you are adding new recipients to the list that you normally maintain inside AY Mail project.

Replace with imported recipient Use this option if you are maintaing the list of recipients in an external database, and want to update your AY Mail list with new data.

[Professional and Corporate Editions Only] Maintain combined records This option will only appear if the recipient list has combined records. Records with duplicate addresses will be merged into existing combined records.

Merge data fields. No new recipients will be created, only data fields for the existing recipients will change Use this option if you only want to import data for the existing recipients. This may help you combine data from different sources into a single project.

Once you click on the Ok button, you will be able to select the Import Source using the Import Source dialog.

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