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Migration from AY Mail 1

AY Mail 2 can coexist with AY Mail 1 on the same computer. Do not uninstall AY Mail 1 until you have AY Mail 2 up and running!

There are certain things that AY Mail 2 does differently, which you need to know before you start using it.

1. All the attachments are sent using MIME format. Obsolete UUENCODE, XXENCODE and BinHex methods are no longer supported.

2. You do not need to attach files and specify cids while sending HTML messages. AY Mail now locates files, and inserts cids automatically. If you do attach files, they will be sent twice.

3. All information is now located in a single file, and you do not have to save anything - AY Mail saves the information automatically.

4. The recipients list is always sorted alphabetically and sent alphabetically. All duplicates are automatically removed.

5. AY Mail 2 does not do word wrap in your messages. If you want to wrap words, you need to set it up manually using the Format button on the Message tab.

AY Mail 2 provides an easy way to import your AY Mail 1 data. AY Mail 1 stored information in three pieces:

Project Files(.AYP) stored all the information about the project. They also stored names of the files containing message and recipients, but not the message or recipient list itself.

Message Files (.AYM) stored the message texts.

Recipients Files (.AYR) stored the lists of recipients in a text format.

AY Mail 2 lets you import the whole projects or assorted Message or Recipients Files.

The best way to migrate from AY Mail 1 to AY Mail 2 is to import whole projects. If you are importing whole projects, AY Mail 2 will try to preserve as much features as it can. To import AY Mail 1 Project:

1. Select File->Import->AY Mail 1 Project from the main menu. The File Selection dialog will appear.

2. Select the .AYP file in AY Mail 1 directory, and click on the Open button.

AY Mail will create a new project that replicates the AY Mail 1 project as closely as possible.

If you want to import only a list of recipients:

1. Select File->Import->Recipients List from the main menu. The Import dialog will appear.

2. Select the mode that you want to use for Import and click on the OK button. The Import Source dialog will appear.

3. Select AY Mail 1 Recipients List and click on the OK button. The File Selection dialog will appear.

4. Navigate to the file that you want to import and click on the Open button.

5. You may be asked to match imported fields using the Match Fields dialog .

To import only a message text:

1. Select File->Import->Message Text from the main menu. The File Selection dialog will appear.

2. Select the message file, and click on the Open button.

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