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AY Track Subscription Forms dialog

[Professional and Corporate Editions Only]
This dialog lets you manage your subscription forms. You will see only the form that you own and can edit. Unless you have administrative privileges, you will not see the forms that you do not own.

For more information on the subscription forms, see How to handle Subscriptions.

New Form button adds a new subscription form. It will open the New Form dialog.

Edit Form button lets you edit the data fields of the selected subscription form.

Edit Letters button lets you turn on/off or edit the contents of the letters that AY Track sends to validate new subscriptions or to welcome new subscribers. It will open an Automatic Letters dialog.

Remove button deletes the selected subscription form along with all the subscription data.

[Corporate Edition Only]
Ownership button lets you specify ownership and access level for the selected form. This button will open the Subscription Form Ownership and Access dialog. You will see this button only if you have administrative privileges.

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