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Groups dialog

[Professional and Corporate Editions Only]
This dialog lets you select and manage groups of recipients. Groups are defined by sets of conditions. You define the conditions. These conditions are then applied to the list (located on the Recipients tab) to select a subset of recipients.

Groups can be used to segment your audience or target your messages.

Often, if you have several lists, you may find it useful to unite all the lists under the single project and then use groups to target your messages. It is much easier to define groups on a single project rather than managing several separate projects.

List of the subgroups lists all of the available groups.

Add button lets you define a new group. If there are no groups, it will open the Group Definition dialog for the group to be created. Otherwise, the New Group dialog will let you choose what kind of group to create.

Edit button opens the Group Definition dialog or the Group Composition dialog to edit the selected group.

Show button search the recipient list and displays the members of the selected group found in the list.

Remove button deletes the selected subgroup. This only deletes the subgroup definition, but does not actually deletes the recipients.

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