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AY Mail Reports

[Professional and Corporate Editions Only]
AY Mail creates a report for every email you send (except for test emails to single recipients). Reports not only store information about the email sent, they can be used to monitor delivery success, message opening rates, clicks through. They let you re-send your message in case of failure, or send a follow up message to the recipients based on their clicks.

The report stores all the information about the mailing

Message sent, which can be either re-sent to new recipients, or loaded back on the message tab and reused.

Delivery information, which you can browse by double-clicking the report. This information is very important, because it ensures that when you re-send your message, noone will receive it twice. You can export this information.

Message opening and click through information, which can be analyzed, exported, or used to send follow up messages.

See also Report Menu.

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