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Reports Menu

[Professional and Corporate Editions Only]
This menu is visible only when you click on the Reports Tab. If you do not have any reports on the Reports Tab the contents of the Reports menu will be disabled.

Statistics shows simple statistics on the recipients on current report.

Clicks counts clicks through.

Recipients displays the list of recipients for the current report. Only the recipients who have been attempted are included. The Report on Recipients dialog displays the recipients in the same format as on the Recipients Tab.

All You will see all recipients who have been attempted.

Failed You will see recipients that failed to receive the message. This will only work if you are sending directly or if you have AY Track set up.

Successful You will see recipients that were successful. Whithout hooking AY Track all messages will appear successful.

Who have read the message If you are tracking message openings this option will show you recipients who have read your message.

Who have clicked through If you are tracking clicks through this option will show you recipients who clicked on links inside your message.

Headers opens the Headers for the Sent Message dialog to displays the Internet Headers for the report.

Attachments opens the Attachments to the Sent Message dialog to displays the Attachments for the report (if any).

Filters opens the Filters (Groups) dialog to displays filters and groups used to filter recipients.

For follow-up reports, the Filters for Follow Up dialog will appear instead, listing the rules used to send the follow up message.

Export Recipients lets you export recipients from the selected report along with information on their status. The recipients are exported into a CSV file, which will contain email address, status (1 - permanently undeliverable, 2 - temporarily undeliverable, 3 - successful, 4 - read or clicked through), and click-through information.

Load Message extracts the message from the report and puts it on the Message Tab.

Edit Message opens a dialog with the message and lets you edit it. This operation is not recommended unless you are resending your message to failed or not previously attempted recipients and have to edit it a little bit (e.g. correct grammar, add forgotten sentences etc.).

Retry Sending lets you re-send the message to the recipients whose addresses failed or to the new recipients who have not been attempted yet. The Retry Sending dialog will let you select retry options.

Follow Up lets you send a new message to the recipients who successfully received or read the original message. The Follow Up dialog will let you select whether you want to send the follow up to all successful recipients, or only to those who read the message.

You can select the group of recipients for follow up letter based on the links that they clicked through.

Delete Report deletes the current report.

Delete All Reports deletes all the reports for the project.

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