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Sender Properties dialog

This dialog lets you edit sender's information.

Nickname is not visible to the recipient. It is only used to display senders on the Message Tab

From This information will represent you to the recipient. The email address is required. Name and Organization are optional.

Email Enter Email address of the sender. This address will be used in the From: header of your message. This address is also used while doing address verification. It is strongly recommended to put here an email address that you can use to receive email. If you are going to track bounces and responses with the AY Track then this address must be processed by AY Track.

NameEnter the name that will represent you to recipients. This is optional.

Organization This field is for the name of your organization. This is optional.

Reply To If you want your recipients to send replies to a different email address than one in the From:, you can use this option. This is optional.

Email Enter email address for the Reply-To: header.

Name Enter your name for the Reply-To: header.

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