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AY Track SMTP Options dialog

[Corporate Edition Only]
This dialog lets you specify settings for the SMTP service. If AY Track is installed on a server which is constantly connected to the Internet, it can handle all the incoming mail for a domain. For example, if you want to handle email for domain automail.yourcompany.com, you need to enter this domain name here. AY Track will receive mail for all the mail accounts that you create using the names for these accounts. For example, if you create accounts bill and jane, AY Track will receive email for bill@automail.yourcompany.com and jane@automail.yourcomany.com. AY Track will reject all the SMTP mail to any other addresses.

You cannot use AY Track as an outgoing SMTP server. If you want to send through AY Track, you need to use AY Mail. Click here for details.

If you turn the SMTP on, you need to make sure that there exists a DNS record for the domain that you use as well as valid MX record.

Use SMTP Service Select this option if you want AY Track to act as an SMTP server.

Domain Name Specify the domain name here.

See also Email Transport Overview.

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