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AY Track Connection dialog

[Professional and Corporate Editions Only]
This dialog lets you connect to AY Track or change your existing connection. AY Mail uses the same AY Track server for all projects.

When you connect to the AY Track server, you establish several links with AY Track, such as subscription forms, tracking, mail sent through AY Track etc. If you change AY Track location these links will be broken and information may be lost. Therefore, we strongly discourage you from altering AY Track location unless this is absolutely necessary.

AY Track Server Specify the location of the AY Track server.

Do not use AY Track Choose this option if you do not want to use the AY Track server, or if you do not have AY Tack installed.

Use AY Track Server on This Computer Choose this option if you have the AY Track server installed on your own computer and you want to connect to it. If you have AY Mail Corporate Edition, this will give you administrative privileges.

[Corporate Edition Only]
Use Remote AY Track Server Choose this option if you have AY Track installed on a remote server. You must also specify user id and password.

Server The IP address or full domain name of the computer where the AY Track server is installed.

Port The port number used by the AY Track server. The default is 50000 but this could have been changed by server administrator.

User ID You must have a user id to access AY Track. Only users with administrative privileges can set up ids and passwords for remote users. For more information see Users and Priviledes.

Password is required for successful connection.

Once you click on the Ok button, AY Mail will connect to AY Track and verify credentials. If the connection cannot be established, you will receive an error message.

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