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Send multiple messages with combined records

AY Mail 2. Professional and Corporate Editions
No skills required.

When you merge your data into combined records you can send multiple messages to a single email address.

For example, you imported data about magazine subscriptions:

Depending on the number of imported records for the particular email address, one, two or more fields will be filled during the import process. In the above example, Kate had two records, so Subscription1 and Subscription2 are set while Subscription3, Subscription4, and Subscription5 are empty.

You may want to send a separate message concerning every subscription record. However, this operation requires lots of repetitive manual work, so we would rather recommend sending only one message to every recipient, which can be done with if macros or scripts.

If you insist on sending multiple messages to the same address, you would need to send a separate message for each of the five Subscription fields.

1. Click on the To button on the Message Tab and create a group, which will include all the recipients who has the Subscription1 field set.

2. Similarly, create four more groups for the Subscription2, Subscription3, Subscription4, and Subscription5 fields:

3. Prepare the message you want to send. Use the data fields as necessary. For example:

4. Send the message.

5. Modify your message by changing fields with index 1 to fields with index 2, and do not forget to change the destination to the Subsc2 group:

6. Send the message.

7. Repeat steps 5 and 6 for Subscription3, Subscription4, and Subscription5 fields.

Obviously, if there were no recipients in the corresponding group, you do not have to send a message. In our example, the maximum number of subscriptions per person was two, so we sent only two messages:

As a result, people who had one subscription received one message, and people who had two subscriptions received two messages. For example, Kate had two subscriptions, so she received the following two messages:

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