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User Interface Overview

AY Mail window consists of Project Tree located on the left hand side, and a set of tabs on the right.

Project Tree lets you manage your mailing projects. A project contains a recipients list, message text, other information about the project, as well as sending history. The project information is displayed as a set of tabs to the right of the project tree. When you switch projects, the contents of all four tabs changes.

Message Tab contains message text, message subject, sender information. You can also specify files to attach. Message may be in plain text or HTML format.

[Professional and Corporate Editions Only] Message Tab lets you select a specified group of recipients to send your message to.

Recipients Tab contains the recipients list. You can easily edit recipients, add new ones, import them from different sources, combine lists, or verify addresses.

Advanced Tab [Professional and Corporate Editions Only] is designed for an advanced user. You can set up tracking of subscriptions, unsubscriptions, define the appearence of the "To:" field etc.

Reports Tab [Professional and Corporate Editions Only] lists all the past messages that you have sent. You can check which recipients received the message and try re-sending the message if necessary.

Menu Overview

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