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Advanced Tab

[Professional and Corporate Editions Only]
Advanced Tab contains settings for advanced users.

To button displays the Addressing Message To dialog that lets you formulate rules to fill in the To field of the messages.

Send non-personalized messages whenever possible is the default AY Mail behavior. For more details, see Personalized versus Non-personalized Messages.

Always send personalized messages will force AY Mail to send personalized messages even when it would be possible to send non-personalized messages. For more details, see Personalized versus Non-personalized Messages.

Reply-To displays the Reply To dialog that lets you specify where the replies to your mailing are directed.

Extra Options button displays the Extra Message Options dialog to specify message options such as priority or importance. You can also select wether or not to request read notifications. See How to Find out if the Message was Read for details.

Blacklist button displays the Local Blacklist dialog that lets you turn on a blacklist for this particular project. See Use a Blacklist for details.

Subscriptions button displays the Subscriptions/Unsubscriptions Preferences dialog that lets you link the current project to AY Track subscription form and specify how the subscriptions are going to be handled. See How to handle Subscriptions and Unsubscriptions for details.

See also the Advanced Menu for the list of related menu operations.

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