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AY Mail 2 Projects

AY Mail uses projects to organize information.

Each project contains the following:

Recipient list is the most important part of the project. It contains email addresses and data fields for the recipients. This information may be stored within the project inside AY Mail, in which case you can view and edit it on the Recipients tab.

[Professional and Corporate Editions Only] The recipient list may be stored in an external data source, such as remote database, in which case the project only contains a link to the data source, but doesn't actually stores data. For more information see Projects linked to external data sources.

Draft of the Message with all the information on attachments, formats etc.

[Professional and Corporate Editions Only]
List of Sent Messages (or Reports) which contains all the delivery information on messages previously sent from the project. You can use this information to re-send old messages or send follow up messages.

Other information.

All the project information is represented on four tabs located to the right of the project tree. As you switch projects, all four tabs change their contents.

[Professional and Corporate Editions Only]
Even though you can use a separate project for every email message you send, this way of managing projects is highly ineffective.

It is much better to associate a project with a recipient list and use a single list for all the mailings to this list.

If you have distinct lists, such as Friends and Customers, we advise putting them into different projects.

However, if your lists are related, such as customers who bought different products, we advise not to create a separate list for each product, but rather maintain a single list for all customers. You can then use groups to separate your customers based on the products they bought or on any other criteria. Such approach will let you correctly handle situations where a customer bought several products, will help you to avoid duplicates when you send a single newsletter to all your customer base etc.

Every time you send a message, AY Mail creates a new report inside the project. You can then use these reports to monitor deliver, send follow up messages, or to reuse your old messages.

[Home Edition Only] Home Edition doesn't create reports and doesn't let you create groups, therefore, for Home Edition, you may need to create separate project for every mailing list.

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