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External Web Script for AY Track dialog

[Professional and Corporate Editions Only]
This dialog lets you specify an external Web script which accepts subscriptions and clicks through from AY Track. The script may be used to process subscriptions and unsubscriptions, or to detect clicks through and message openings.

[Corporate Edition Only] Always use this script instead of AY Track HTTP Services check this box if you want to handle all your tracking requests via this script even if you have AY Track Web server configured.

Generate button will open the Generate CGI Script dialog that guide you through automatic generation of the script. AY Mail can generate various scripts for different combinations of Web server hardware and software.

Before you generate your script, you need to find out what kind of web server your web site is hosted on. Your Web hosting company may advise which script is better to use with their server. If you have never installed scripts on your web server, it is a good idea to contact your ISP and ask for instructions on how the scripts needs to be installed on their server. The rules may differ slightly for different providers.

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