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Settings Menu

Mail Sending opens the Mail Sending Settings dialog that lets you specify how to send emails. You can specify an SMTP server or select direct sending.

Advanced Network opens the Advanced Network Settings dialog that lets you specify advanced settings such as DNS Server, Trusted Serificates for SSL/TLS connections etc. You don't need to change any of these settings unless in a special situation.

Diagnostic opens the AY SMTP Diagnostic Tool to test your Internet connections and settings.

Message Composition opens the Message Composition Preferences dialog to let you change composition preferences for all messages in AY Mail.

Spell Checker opens the Spell Checker Settings dialog to let you select a dictionary you want to use to spell check your messages. AY Mail does not have a default. When you use Spell Checker for the first time you will be given an option to go to Northern Software website and download a dictionary for your language.

Global blacklist opens the Global Blacklist dialog to let you specify a global "Do not send" list.

AY Track [Professional and Corporate Editions Only] opens AY Track Control Panel to edit AY Track settings.

AY Track Setup Wizard [Professional and Corporate Editions Only] opens the AY Track Setup Wizard to set up AY Track for sending and processing tasks.

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